PT Tri Berkat Agro (TBA) was established on November 3rd, 2012 with one main goal to contribute for the advancement of agriculture in Indonesia. As the founders of PT TBA were also farmers themselves, they have experienced all the ups and downs within the agriculture industry. Through that experience we realize how difficult to find a reliable agriculture information in Indonesia. Therefore, at PT TBA we are committed to serve our farmers with the highest quality products and the highest level of services.

Our model of approach is always through trials and education to the farmers which is not only focusing on the sales but also contributing to the success of our farmers.
Although this approach need more efforts and consumes more time and energy, but we believe this is the right way to accomplish our mission to be the Agro Solution Partner in Indonesia.


We are currently holding the distribution of:

  • Clause Vegetables Seeds from France who is merged with Harris Moran from USA, becoming HM Clause.

HM Clause is part of Limagrain Group which is one of the top three seeds company in the world.
  • Humagrow Humic Acid 85% produced by PT Multikimia Agro Sejahtera.

Our business areas will keep expanding overtime as we are searching to supply more quality products that would help our farmers advancing in their production.